I have had the privilege of being taught by Kelly both as a practical grooming student as well as attending her seminars and I would recommend her to anyone.  She is patient, able to explain things in ways that made sense to me and is always positive and encouraging, which creates a really great atmosphere in which to learn.  Her eye for detail means that she can pass on those tricks and tips that are ‘the difference that makes the difference’, and having her work with you one to one is a great experience.

She handles the dogs with empathy and understanding, something which is very important to me, and I’d recommend her ‘compassionate handling’ seminar to any groomer, be they old or new.

I am lucky enough to work alongside Kelly now, and I cannot underestimate the value her input makes to my confidence and ability.  I fully intend to have her work with me on a one to one basis so I can further improve my skills.


Refreshing to be taught by someone who genuinely has the dogs welfare at heart, the dog doesn’t care how perfect my groom is – he wants to know how much I care! Once I got this I was more efficient and mindful in my approach to grooming.

Kelly is unique in her style of teaching. Patient and friendly, I can approach her and ask any questions however small or silly and she is always happy to help and makes time to explain something clearly.


Kelly’s knowledge on dog grooming is second to none and her true empathy and handling of dogs is nothing short of outstanding. During my course , she taught with passion and real dedication, whilst her teaching manner not only put me at ease but also she instilled the “want” to gain as much knowledge as possible to enhance my own professional development as a dog groomer. It is a real skill to not only have her level of knowledge and gift as a groomer but the passion she instills into her students is a true gift. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to train as a Dog Groomer .. she truly is an amazing lady.


Being a training student I have being under Kelly’s wing in learning how to groom dogs. Her knowledge, training skills, compassion and love for dogs is incredible. She has a complete natural ability for dog grooming and what she has taught me and what I have achieved and learnt myself through her guidance makes me feel so incredibly proud. Her work shops are informative, educational and fun and her delivery on making sure her students are the best is a credit to her.


07783388966 – 01626 854215 – kellygayler@icloud.com